The Museum

Adams Block, 1880'sThe Crawford Historical Museum, located in the heart of downtown Crawford, is operated by the Crawford Historical Society to preserve and protect Crawford's history and culture. Our displays reflect on the early people, economy, and social interests of Crawford. The Museum's collection is a dynamic thing, growing and changing as acquisitions, needs, and interests demand.

The museum was established in its current location in 1992 after the disastrous White River flood destroyed the former building, located in the City Park. It now is housed in the Crawford Cultural Center building through the generosity of Crawford's municipal administration. Many of the items in the Museum are post-flood acquisitions, a testament to the industry, generosity, and concern of the residents of the area.

The Museum is divided into several interest areas: Pre-history, the Native American interest, Traders & Trappers, the Military Presence at Fort Robinson, the Development and Cultural Growth of Crawford, Farming & Ranching, the Schools, and specific Business and Organizational interests.